IMAutomator Training

Learn how to use all of the features of IMAutomator to full advantage with the following training videos.

Our Submission Guidelines

There are certain types of content that we cannot accept. Read the article below to find out exactly what is allowed and understand how we handle submissions that violate these terms.

Submission Guidelines - Acceptable Content

Getting Started With IMAutomator

Watch the video below to learn about:

  1. Finding your way around the site
  2. How to submit a new job
  3. Extracting titles, descriptions & tags automatically
  4. Selecting the sites to submit to
  5. The jobs list, submissions remaining & available
  6. The job submission schedule

The Credits System

Watch the video below to learn about:

  1. How the credits system works
  2. The cost of site submissions in credits
  3. How to choose how many credits to spend on each job
  4. How to enter a credit code
  5. How to generate a report of your credit activity
  6. Credit refunds for failed submissions
  7. Monthly membership plans & credit packs

Using Spintax In Your Jobs

  1. What spinning is, and why you should do it
  2. Spinning titles to vary anchor text
  3. How to format spintax
  4. Entering spintax in your jobs
  5. How IMAutomator spins your job
  6. Previewing your spun job
  7. Spintax is optional, you don't have to use it

Checking on the Progress of Your Jobs

  1. How to examine a specific job
  2. Understanding the submission schedule
  3. Looking at the URLs that were posted
  4. Job status and error messages
  5. You only ever pay for a successful submission

Getting Fresh Backlinks For Your Existing Jobs

  1. Resubmit to bring in fresh new backlinks all the time
  2. Submissions remaining & available
  3. How to resubmit an existing job
  4. Resubmit as much as you like, at any time
  5. Why new sites become available

Searching, Sorting, Editing & Deleting Jobs

  1. Paging through the jobs list
  2. Using the search functionality
  3. Sorting the jobs list
  4. Editing an individual job
  5. Deleting an individual job
  6. Bulk deletion of multiple jobs

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