Social Bookmark Submitter

IMAutomator began with only the social bookmark submitter and it remains our most popular tool today. Our social bookmarking software offers quick and easy submission to 16 bookmark sites including many well established, high PR sites.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking initially started as a way of storing your browsers bookmarks online so that you could access them anywhere but it soon evolved into something quite different. Sites began to allow the sharing of these bookmarks with others, allowing people to vote up a particular bookmark and showing lists of the most popular ones.

Very quickly, social bookmarking became a great way for publishers to share their content and for consumers to find great content. Sites like Digg became so huge that getting one of your bookmarks voted up to the front page would send literally thousands of visitors to page within hours.

Why Is Social Bookmarking So Good For Link Building?

The idea behind social bookmarking is that you are sharing an individual piece of content - an article, a blog post, an episode of a podcast etc rather than just a single link to your website. For sites that publish lots of content on a regular basis that means that by social bookmarking each new post, a constant stream of backlinks can be obtained.

Furthermore, the number of social bookmarking sites has risen rapidly which means that with a service like IMAutomator you can bookmark that content on a large number of sites. If your site publishes just 2 pieces of content a week and you bookmark each one to 50 sites, you would gain over 5,000 new backlinks for your site in 1 year!

What Our Social Bookmark Software Does

All of our submission tools are extremely quick and easy to use. First you need to enter in the details of your bookmark. You may use regular plain text or you can use Spintax and this can be on any of all of the fields with as many spun clauses as you'd like. As a little time saver you can paste in the URL and then click a button to pull in the title, description & tags from the page. You can edit these for the best SEO benefits - the title will be the anchor text of the resulting link.

You pick a category, choose the sites you want to submit to, pick a submission speed and then preview & submit the job. IMAutomator will create a submission schedule for all the sites you selected according to the speed you choose, and will perform the submission to each site at the designated date and time.

For each site in the schedule IMAutomator will match the submission to the best category, solve any CAPTCHAS that are presented, randomise the account and IP address used for the submission and track the results. If the submission fails with some kind of server error, timeout etc it will be retried several times over the next 24 hours. All of this work is done by our submission engine and requires no further intervention from you - it is truly on auto-pilot!

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