RSS Feed Submitter

Our combined Blog & RSS Feed submitter allows you to submit your blog or any other RSS feed to up to 0 specialised directories to create a constant stream of fresh links to your content any time your feed is updated.

What is RSS Feed Submission?

RSS is unique because it is not just one piece of content but a constant stream to any new content that is published to the feed. Every blog has an RSS feed built in and this means that every time you publish content on your blog, the RSS feed gets updated with that new post. There are also tools now that allow you to create RSS feeds from all kinds of content - not just blogs.

RSS & Blog directories work differently to regular web directories as they don't list list your feed (well, some do) - they poll the feed and list the content. As new content is published to the feed, the directories that have your feed listed are updated with that content creating new a fresh stream of backlinks without you having to do any more work.

Why Is RSS Submission So Good For Link Building?

The effectiveness of RSS submission depends largely on the feed that you submit. If you submit a feed to a stream of content which is regularly updated such as a busy blog, then that submission brings you new backlinks every time you publish a new post even though you only needed to perform the submission once! No other type of submission has this unique characteristic.

What Our Directory Submission Software Does

All of our submission tools are extremely quick and easy to use. First you need to enter in the details of your website. You may use regular plain text or you can use Spintax and this can be on any of all of the fields with as many spun clauses as you'd like. You pick a category, choose the sites you want to submit to, pick a submission speed and then preview & submit the job. IMAutomator will create a submission schedule for all the sites you selected according to the speed you choose, and will perform the submission to each site at the designated date and time.

For each site in the schedule IMAutomator will match the submission to the best category, solve any CAPTCHAS that are presented, randomise the account and IP address used for the submission and track the results. If the submission fails with some kind of server error, timeout etc it will be retried several times over the next 24 hours. All of this work is done by our submission engine and requires no further intervention from you - it is truly on auto-pilot!

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