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  • Does IMAutomator have a free trial?

    Yes we do! You can sign up for a free account and you will be sent a credit code for 100 free credits after signing up so you can test out the tools for free.

    Sort of... We have a free membership option which grants you access to the site and you can check out the tools, look at the training etc but you will need some submission credits to actually make submissions. If you don't want to sign up to one of the paid membership plans or buy a credit pack, check your email the day after you signup - we will send you an email telling you how you can claim 50 free credits to get started :-)

  • I don't use Paypal, can I pay by credit card?

    Yes you can. When you wish to make a purchase go through the normal payment process up to the point where it asks you to login to Paypal to complete the payment. At the bottom of this screen just under the login box there is a link that is labelled, "Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card" - click that link and you can pay directly using your credit card with no need for a Paypal account.

  • How do I change to a different payment plan?

    You may change to any of our monthly membership plans at any time simply by signing up to the plan. We will ensure that any previous subscription is cancelled so that you only ever have 1 active subscription. The credits for your previous plan will remain untouched as you have already paid for those and the credits for the new plan will be allocated immediately.

  • How do I change my credit card details on file?

    We do not actually hold any credit card details as all payments are handled directly by Paypal. As long as you update Paypal with your new credit card details, your IMAutomator subscription will not be affected.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    You may cancel your payment plan at any time inside your own Paypal account. In your Paypal account find the 'My Pre-Approved Payments' section - in there is listed all of your subscriptions. Find your IMAutomator one and select it and click on cancel. Your IMAutomator account will continue as normal until the end of the billing period you have paid for. At this point if you also have a subscription to the free account that will become active. With the free plan you can continue using IMAutomator as normal to check on your existing jobs and to use up any remaining credits on your account.

  • What happens to my existing jobs if I cancel?

    Your jobs will continue to be processed as normal according to the schedule you have set.

    However, each day we purge day from old free accounts - those which have not had any new jobs submitted in 4 months, and have not been accessed within 30 days will be purged. The accounts themselves will remain but the jobs will be deleted.

  • What happens to the credits I spent if a submission fails or the site is removed?

    You only ever pay for a successful submission. At the time of submitting a job the credit value is deducted from your balance for every job that is selected but as those submissions are processed, if the submission fails for any reason then your credits for that site are refunded. From the members page you see when you first login you can click on the credit report to see a list of the most recent credit transactions and this will show the exact breakdown of credits earned, spent and refunded.

  • Can I see a list of URLs posted by IMAutomator?

    This is actually a work in progress and something we have partially implemented. When you submit a bookmark job, the job appears in a list with a job ID number. Clicking on that ID brings up the full details of the job where you may edit or delete it and it also shows the full submission schedule for the job.

    In this schedule, we populate the notes field with the outcome of the submission as they are completed, and if we have a live URL available we link it in here. We have done this for most of the sites and are working on the others.

    Once we have finished the work on reporting the URLs for the remaining bookmark sites we will also be implementing a reporting feature which will allow you to export the URLs created to a CSV file for you to download.

    Note that URL reporting is only available for social bookmark submissions and not for the Directory submitter as these links are not published immediately and instead are usually held for moderation by a manual reviewer who will then publish the entry at a later date.

  • How much traffic can I expect to get from using IMAutomator?

    IMAutomator does not give you direct traffic. Let me repeat that because many people have the wrong idea of what our tools do. IMAutomator does NOT give you direct traffic! Our submission tools create BACKLINKS for you and do that in an automated fashion. IMAutomator is in essence a time-saving solution for backlink creation.

    In order to see tangible SEO benefits from these backlinks such as improved serps rankings and an increase in traffic you need to do the SEO work for the content you are promoting. Without this, the backlinks that IMAutomator creates for you will give you no benefit whatsoever! We have a comprehensive Training section on the site with an entire module dedicated to the SEO aspect so if you are not getting the results you would like, please start there.

    There are some possible exceptions to this... If you submit to the bigger Bookmark sites such as Delicious and you submit something good enough to actually get on the front page then you could expect a good amount of traffic from that but that is rare. Also, some article submissions can produce a little direct traffic but this is usually small and again, the emphasis here is on using the articles as a mean to build backlinks to your content and not for direct traffic.

  • When will these backlinks start to show up?

    This question needs to be answered in two ways. Firstly, understand that Bookmark jobs are posted immediately - once the submission has successfully been made then your bookmark is live. But for Directory submissions, these in almost all cases are not published immediately as the sites we submit to will manually review the submission and decide to publish it some time later.

    There are some exceptions, particularly in the case of Article directories. Some of the directories we use have an auto-approval system which means that they are published immediately and sometimes reviewed later.

    The second part to this question, is when will the links start showing up in Google? This is a little different because when a link has been posted to the web it does not instantly show up in Google. It can take time for them to get around to indexing the sites for new links. For big high profile sites such as Delicous, those submissions are going to be found very quickly but lower PR submissions generally take longer as a rule of thumb so we cannot give any definitive answer.

  • How long are these backlinks live for?

    The backlinks posted by IMAutomator will be live for as long as the site is live. We have sites in our system that have been around for YEARS - Delicious, Diigo, FolkD etc. Unfortunately, we've also had sites die on us within a week of putting them in the system!

    We do not own any of the sites that we submit to; they are all third-party sites. We never remove links that we have built but when we add a new site to the system we have no way of knowing how long it will be there.

    Generally speaking we have a mixture of sites in our system. We have the high PR, well established, big names. You can be pretty sure these links are going to be around for a very long time. But we also add smaller unknown sites, often built from templates. These can be more flaky and often last less than a year.

  • How have the Google Panda & Penguin updates affected IMAutomator?

    The Google updates in 2012 caused quite a stir and resulted in a marked increase in the quality of sites such as Bookmarking & Article sites. Many lower quality sites had their page rankings dropped to 0 so these were removed and as a result there are now less 'spammy' sites around which is great as often people would put a quick Bookmark or Article site online and then just take it down again a short while later which was very annoying. With Google penalising these now the ones that remain tend to stick around for a very long time which means long term backlinks!

    Another big change which affects anyone who is trying to build links is that Google is now most definitely favoring variation in anchor text. Before, you'd pick a keyword and blast out a ton of backlinks as that keyword as the anchor text and whilst you still do want your keywords in your anchor text for some of the time, you should vary the keywords you use and also make sure you're building backlinks to your home page and using both your brand name and your URL as anchor text for some of those links.

    One way to achieve this simply with IMAutomator is to ensure you use the Spintax functionality on all jobs - vary the titles for your jobs (and it doesn't hurt to use spintax on the other text fields too) to ensure you have a range of anchor texts for each job.

  • What sites does IMAutomator submit to?

    Click the following link to see the list of supported sites. This list is dynamically updated from our database and so is always up to date. The number in brackets such as (3) shows the Page Rank of the site. We run a PR check every day to ensure these values are up to date.

    When you submit a new job you will see a site selection area which will show all of the live sites from the supported sites list from that type as well as their PR value. From here you may click the checkbox for each site to include it for submission for your job. There are selection buttons to make this process a little quicker when selecting many sites. The credit cost of a site is equal to its PR and the running total and your credit balance is updated as you make your selections.

  • When will my links be submitted?

    When you submit a job, at the bottom of the submission form there is a speed setting which allows you to choose a time period for your submissions to be made. The default speed is 1 link per day so if you select 30 sites and leave it on the default setting, that whole job will take around a month for all the submissions to be made.

  • Can I cancel or make changes to a job after it has started?

    Yes, from the list of jobs you can click the ID number of any job to view the full details. From here you may view the submission schedule and the progress of the submissions so far, edit the details of the job, delete it entirely or select some new sites for submission.

  • How can I remove links that have already been posted?

    If links have already been posted on external sites then they cannot be removed by deleting the IMAutomator job - this will remove the job from our system and prevent any further submissions being made but cannot un-post already completed submissions.

    If you really want to have external links removed you can look at the IMAutomator job, check what sites have been posted to and then use the supported sites page to find the URL of each site. You would then need to contact the webmaster and ask them to remove your link.

  • Can I keep re-submitting my jobs for extra backlinks?

    Kind of - you may only ever submit a single URL to a single site once. Additional submissions do NOT create further backlinks, they just count as a vote for the original submission. So if you attempt to create a new job from a URL you have already used then you will get 'Duplicate URL' error message.

    However, we add new sites all the time and as long as you leave your jobs in the system you can re-submit them to new sites on an on-going basis to pick up a constant stream of fresh backlinks. On the jobs list you'll see a column marked 'SA' - this stands for 'Submissions Available' and it is the number of sites that you can select for this job. Click on the ID of a job to go into the details screen, select a new batch of sites and hit the Re-Submit button. A new submission schedule will be created for these additional sites. You can re-submit in this way whenever you like.

  • Don't I need to create accounts at all these sites first?

    No You don't. IMAutomator internally handles all of the accounts required for the supported sites and rotates them around so all you need to do is submit your link, sit back and let the links roll in :-)

  • Why are some submissions failing?

    Failures can occur for a number of reasons. First of all, see the article on submission error messages to get more information.

    The most common error is a server error or timeout. Since Release 2 we have had to switch to using proxy servers to spread the submissions across multiple IP's to prevent our server from being blocked. Unfortunately proxies are not as reliable as a direct server connection so these cause more errors. We have varios mechanisms in place to minimise these and are continuing to work on improving success rates.

    We are always adding new sites into the system. They are initially put into 'trial mode' (Bookmarks only) for a while before they are fully integrated. In order to maintain the integrity of IMAutomator, sites with a consistently high failure rate will be removed.

  • What does it mean when a Bookmark site is in trial mode?

    When new sites are first incorporated into IMAutomator, they are tested on a sample of bookmarks to make sure that they perform well before being fully integrated into the system. This is done by initially putting them into 'trial mode'. Whilst a site is on trial, a submission to that site will only be included for a selection of bookmarks so you may or may not see that site included in your submission schedule.

    Once a site has been well tested and is deemed to be performing well, it will be taken out of trial mode and fully incporated which means that it will be available for selection in the job submission screen.

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