Article Submitter

The article submitter provided by IMAutomator is robust, flexible and extremely easy to use. It supports plain text or spintax articles and can submit to up to 0 sites depending on the number of words in your article.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission has been around for a long time but has evolved a little over the years. As a content publisher your submit your article to a number of article directories. These directories credit the author for the article, allowing a small resource box containing some links of your choice. This article is then available on the site for others to take and publish on their own sites with the condition that the resource information and links be preserved.

Why Is Article Submission So Good For Link Building?

The key SEO benefit to article submission is the resource box. This is where the magic happens - you are allowed to write a little about yourself and include usually 2 backlinks of your choice. So first of all each article submission provides 2 backlinks rather than just 1. Secondly, you have complete control over those backlinks - they are not automatically achored to the title of your post as with social bookmarking. This gives you total control over your anchor text.

Also, if other people find your article on the directory and choose to use it on their own site, those links are usually copied along with the article.

What Our Article Submission Software Does

All of our submission tools are extremely quick and easy to use. First you need to enter in the details of your article. You may use regular plain text or you can use Spintax and this can be on any of all of the fields with as many spun clauses as you'd like. You pick a category, choose the sites you want to submit to, pick a submission speed and then preview & submit the job. IMAutomator will create a submission schedule for all the sites you selected according to the speed you choose, and will perform the submission to each site at the designated date and time.

For each site in the schedule IMAutomator will match the submission to the best category, solve any CAPTCHAS that are presented, randomise the account and IP address used for the submission and track the results. If the submission fails with some kind of server error, timeout etc it will be retried several times over the next 24 hours. All of this work is done by our submission engine and requires no further intervention from you - it is truly on auto-pilot!

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