Social Bookmarking Software Explained

A few years ago the concept of social bookmarking software didn't even exist! Technology and the Internet in particular moves very fast. Social bookmarking is still relatively new and yet in the last few years it has become commonplace and has established itself as one of the best ways to promote content on the web.

The basic concept of social bookmarking is actually very simple - you simply publish the URL of some piece of content on a bookmarking site and this is shared by all the users of that site. Some of the more popular sites like Digg & Delicious are some of the most highly visited sites on the Internet and are used by literally millions of users. The 'social' aspect allows users to vote for content that they like and popular content tends to get a lot more publicity so you can see how this can become a useful promotional strategy.

However, getting your content voted on a popular site like Digg is not actually that easy as there is so much competition but there is another advantage - the backlink to that content. Every bookmark you place on a site creates one backlink to the page you are bookmarking and because you get to enter in some additional information such as a title, description and some tags, you are able to ensure that your desired keywords are anchored in the backlink (the title text is usually used as the anchor text of the URL) which means that you have the ability to create powerful, keyword anchored backlinks to any piece of content you desire.

But here is where it gets even better - why stop at just one site like Digg? There are literally thousands of social bookmarking sites on the web now! There is nothing stopping you from going round as many sites as you want and bookmarking your content at every one of them. Well there is one thing in the way and that is time! Even though it usually only takes a minute or so to submit a bookmark, that soon adds up and you can easily spend an hour submitting your bookmark to a bunch of sites and this is where the use of automated social bookmarking software like IMAutomator comes in very handy!

Our Social bookmarking submission software is designed to handle the submission process for you in order to drastically reduce the amount of time that you personally need to invest. All you need to do is to enter information about your bookmark once, and then IMAutomator handles the submission of that bookmark to a whole series of sites of your choosing. Let the software do the work so you don't have to - that's what computers are good at!

No matter what kind of content you are promoting - whether it is blog posts, static articles, podcasts, videos etc, absolutely anything that other people may find useful or entertaining in some way is worthy of social bookmarking and with the use of automated software you can literally create a ton of backlinks to each piece of content in just a few minutes!

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