How to Use the Social Bookmarking Software Tool Properly

These days the use of social bookmark software to speed up the bookmarking process is commonplace but when you are employing this strategy, and especially when using automated tools like IMAutomator, it's important to use it properly to get the most out of it.

What Should I Bookmark?

The very first point to consider is what content you should be submitting to bookmarking sites in the first place. Some people will say that you should submit every piece of content that you create but I disagree! Remember that these sites are social networks and every bookmark you share is public and the idea is that you are sharing something of value to the other members of the site. Of course from a SEO point of view we use social bookmarking as a backlink building strategy but we must still adhere to the etiquette of the sites we are submitting to. Submitting rubbish is simply likely to get your bookmarks deleted, your accounts banned and you may even find your URL's blacklisted!

Let's say you have a blog - what posts should you bookmark? You can happily submit any post that provides some useful content to the readers. This might be in the form of an editorial, a funny picture or video, a tutorial, resource list, whatever. What you should avoid posting are those 'fluff' posts or anything that is too personal in nature such as post saying you're going on holiday for a week.

Bookmarking for SEO

The general idea behind social bookmarking software is that it will enable you to submit to more than one site at a time - they are generally designed to be time savers. IMAutomator will take your bookmark and submit it to a whole bunch of sites in a completely automated fashion.

Of course, if you are going to be creating this many backlinks to your content, you want to ensure that you are maximising the SEO benefit from those links! First of all, decide on a keyword or phrase that you want to try and rank for in the search engines. Obviously this should be related to your content. Then make sure that your keyword appears in the title, the description and in the tags of the bookmark you are creating. Note that the title you use with this software does not necessarily have to be the same title as used in the content you are bookmarking.

Secondly, spread out the creation of your links over time - this is known as backlink spreading or drip feeding. It is not necessarily a bad thing to submit your links all at once but Google in particular prefers to see a steady drip of links rather than a quick blast. IMAutomator allows you to do this and by default will submit one link per day.

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