Why Are Some of The Supported Sites No-Follow?

There is MUCH debate as to the effectiveness of no-follow links. At IMAutomator, we prefer to let the SEO exports to the debating, and just concentrate on the software! However, they wouldn't be included if we didn't feel they had some benefit...

1) Google is the main player in the search engine arena and most of the debate is centred around Google. However they do not dominate ALL of the traffic and indeed there are several search engines now that will generate traffic that do not care about the follow status of the backlinks.

2) Some nofollow backlinks can actually lead to a dofollow link in an indirect way through re-posting. For example, there are now sites called 'aggregators' that pull links from a wide variety of sites and re-post them. Very often the aggregator is a dofollow site and will pull its links from nofollow sites.

3) Having a lot of backlinks (regardless of follow status) can be useful for other purposes... there are many tools now that monitor a keyword and present statistics of sites that rank well for that keyword. The backlinks going to that site is often a factor and so having lots of backlinks can actually discourage your competition from trying to rank for that phrase!

Having said all of that... dofollow backlinks are still preferred so priority is always given to those!

We currently have a mixture of dofollow and nofollow sites but the status and the PageRank is not published because they have a nasty habit of changing so until we have an automated method of tracking these things, we'll just post the URL's.

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