How Do I Track My Results With IMAutomator?

IMAutomator is a time saving tool designed to do for you in an automated fashion what would be tedious and time consuming to do manually. However, because the focus is on link building automation, members often wish to track their results from an SEO perspective.

What IMAutomator does is to take your URL and submit that to a number of sites depending on the tool - such as the social bookmarking tool. The first thing to track is the links coming in from those sites and you can read the article, How Long Will My Social Bookmarking Links Take To Show Up, to understand more about that.

However... there is more to it than that - this is the IMPORTANT bit: those backlinks will be of little use if the bookmarks themselves and the content they relate to are not optimised for SEO! If you read up on SEO you will often hear how backlinks are everything so tools such as IMAutomator are very appealing because they generate a large number of backlinks for minimal effort but those backlinks will be next to useless if they are not optimised!

What Metrics To Measure

There are many ways to measure the effect of an SEO campaign. It might seem like a good idea to count backlinks but that is actually not that useful as explained above if they are not helping you then it doesn't matter how many there are. Also, it's not easy to count them accurately.

A better metric is the search engine rankings of the pages you are building backlinks for. This is better because it is something you can track easily. If you go to Google and do a search for your chosen keyword phrase (I'll come back to that in a moment), then search in the results for your page you can see exactly where you rank. There are many good tools on the market that can monitor this kind of thing for you.

In order to improve your ranking, you need to know what keyword phrase you are targetting and this is where you need to take some time to prepare beforehand. The content you are submitting must be optimised for your chosen keyword phrase. There are many resources on the web that explain more about this but basically - put those keywords in the title, in headings, and sprinkled throughout your body text.

Secondly, make SURE you put those keywords in apprpriate places in IMAutomator! If using the bookmarking tool for example, put it in all three - the title, the description and in your tags. The title is particularly important because this is used as the anchor text in 99% of cases. This anchor text is what makes a backlink powerful - it tells Google that the page that is being linked to (your content) is relevant to the keywords in that anchor text.

In summary: keyword anchored backlinks will boost your search engine rankings!

Now, improved rankings are good, but that's still a little misleading... a high ranking is only useful if it results in increased traffic! This is the part that IMAutomator can't help you with. It would probably be very easy to rank number #1 for the phrase 'hairy little ants wearing white socks' - one round of bookmarking with IMAutomator should do it! However how much traffic will that ranking give you? Probably none because that phrase is not searched on.

To get good SEO benefits from a tool such as IMAutomator you have to start by doing the right keyword research and you need to carry that keyword research through every step of the way. IMAutomator cannot guarantee traffic or rankings but it can guarantee to create backlinks for you in a fraction of the time you'd normally spend!

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