Submission Guidelines - Acceptable Content

Submissions Must Be Made in English

IMAutomator only submits to English speaking sites and therefore we require that submissions are made using the English language. If you have content which is in another language, you may still submit it as long as the actual submission details such as the Title & Description are written in English. In this case it would also be wise to indicate that the content you are linking to is in another language. For example: "[GERMAN] Top social bookmarking software".

Prohibited Topics

IMAutomator submits the member jobs to the various sites using its own internal pool of accounts and in order to maintain the integrity of those accounts we need to ensure that we adhere to the submission guidelines that are laid out by those sites. As such, the following topics are prohibited:

Whats Happens If I submit Something Prohibited?

Initially any job that might contain potential spam is put into a moderation queue when it is submitted. Instead of getting a success message and seeing your new job in the list of submitted jobs you'll get a message saying your job was "Held for Moderation". At this point the job is not flagged as spam - only potentially. The IMAutomator staff review these moderated jobs on a regular basis - usually once per working day and will then either allow or reject the job.

If the job is rejected it is immediately deleted and of course not submitted. In addition a warning will be put on your account and you will not be able to submit any more jobs until it has been cleared. When you login you will be forward to a page that will ask you to read these guidelines and verify that you have read them. Once done the warning will be cleared and you'll be able to continue as before.

Obviously we're aware that people don't usually read rules and guidelines when using new software. That is just human nature and we allow for mistakes! So the first time this happens, you're asked to clear the warning and no harm is done. However, if a second breach occurs you are now on a final warning and if a third breach occurs your account and all the jobs submitted so far will be permanently deleted from the system! Note that when we say permanently, we mean it!

In addition to the warning system on an account basis, we also operate a blacklist system and any submissions made from particularly offensive domains will cause the domain to be added to the blacklist.

Can I Get My Jobs Back If My Account Is Banned?

No, again to reiterate - banning is permanent! It only occurs on the third breach and on every occurrence you are prohibited from entering any further jobs until the warning is cleared which involves reading these guildelines and clicking to state that you understand them. There are no exceptions - we have banned long standing Pro members in the past for doing this. We have a 3-step warning system in place to allow for genuine mistakes and allow some leeway but continued abuse will not be tolerated.

What If I Use IMAutomator For Client Work?

The most common cause of accounts being banned is from members who do client work and submit everything for each client without really paying attention to the content. If you have a lot of clients to manage we suggest that you make your clients familiar with our rules or simply not use IMAutomator with those selected clients whose content is prohibited. It would be a shame to lose your entire account due to one or two clients.

Why Are The Rules So Strict?

One of the big differences between IMAutomator and most other services is that we submit all of the members data using our own set of accounts at each of the supported sites. Most similar services require that the member supply his own login details. If we submit something which is not permitted at the site in question they generally ban our accounts and because they are rotated across all submissions - that account ban will remove not just the offending link but every other backlink that was ever posted with that account! Thus, spam submissions from just one member could affect hundreds and this is why we are so protective over the accounts and maintain the integrity of our system so stringently.

If you really wish to promote material such as adult, gambling, pharmaceutical etc, we suggest that you use a stand alone program that uses your own login details rather than a managed service such as IMAutomator.

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