Submission Credit Costings

Submission credits are used to purchase additional submissions for your links to sites which are marked as credit sites. The cost of a site in credits is equal to its Page Rank so:

PR1 - 1 Credit
PR2 - 2 Credits
PR3 - 3 Credits
PR4 - 4 Credits
PR5 - 5 credits

Free Credits For All Members

Upon launch of the submission credits system (February 2013) these credits are not actually purchased but are included in the existing membership packages as follows:

Pro Membership = 1000 credits per month
Light Membership = 50 credits per month

The credits are allocated within a few hours of the subscription payment coming through. For those members on a 3-month or 6-month Light membership, the credits are adjusted accordingly and the 3 month packages will be allocated 150 credits with each payment, and the 6 month packages will be allocated 300 credits with each payment.

In the future we may provide an option to allow members to purchase additional credits but for now they are only included as part of the regular subscription.

The Credit Report

When you first login to IMAutomator you will be logged into the Members screen. From here you will see your current credit balance and also be able to generate a report showing recent transactions. This will show when credits have been allocated, and show details of any credits spent and refunded.

You're Only Charged Credits For Successful Submissions

IMAutomator submissions are not instantaneous. When you submit a job, a schedule of individual submissions is created and by default those links are drip-fed once per day or even slower than that. When you select credit sites in your submission, the credits are deducted from your credit balance at the point of submission to ensure you do not go over your allocated monthly credits, but if there are any failures you are refunded the full cost.

There are many reasons why a submission might fail and we have an article that details those, but it does happen. When a job is completed it is marked with either success or failure. If it failed, you are refunded for the credits you paid. You will see this in your credit report.

Also, it is possible that the PR os a site could change in between the time you make the submission to IMAutomator and the time the submission to the target site takes place. If the site PR drops, you are refunded for the difference. If it increases, you get the extra link juice as a freebie :-) So for example if you select a PR4 site you would be charged 4 credits, but if that has dropped to PR3 at the time of submission, you would be refunded 1 credit. If the job fails then of course you are refunded the full 4 credits.

Lastly, if you delete a job that has not yet completed, you are also refunded for any credit submissions that have not been processed.

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