IMAutomator Spintax Tutorial

What is Spintax?

Spintax is the name for the formatting which is applied to text in order to allow spinning. Spinning is the process of generating multiple unique copies of a piece of text from a single source. This is useful when using tools such as IMAutomator because without some kind of spinning implemented, the exact same copy of your base content (article, bookmark etc) is submitted to every site. Google has sophisticated content parsing technology and when it recognises the same content in multiple locations, it will tend to just show a handful of them in the search results and require the user to explicitly click a link to display them all.

Also, when using social bookmarking for the purposes of creating backlinks, the text used as the title of the bookmark becomes the anchor text for the resulting backlink. Again, without spinning, every single copy of that bookmark has exactly the same anchor text and it can look more natural to Google if the anchor text (and therefore title of the bookmark) is varied a little.

How To Insert Spintax

Spintax is inserted with the use of curly braces {}. This designates a group which has multiple possible inputs. You insert these into your text boxes in appropriate places where you would want some variety. Here is a basic example using 2 inputs:

IMAutomator is such {a brilliant|an awesome} time saver!

This would create two possible versions of that sentence. However, to really feel the power of spintax you would want to combine several groups within a single piece of text to create more combinations. Read on...

How To Generate Large Numbers of Combinations

Having a single group of 2 inputs will provide just 2 combinations. But when you add more groups, the number of resulting possible combinations is the sum of all of the groups multiplied together. So for example, if a paragraph has a 2-input group and a further two 3-input groups that would produce 2 x 3 x 3 = 18 combinations! Adding a further 2-input group would double the combinations to 36 or if you were to use another 3-input group instead, it would triple it to 54!

Please note that you are not limited in the number of combinations you can have within a single group but nested spintax (ie groups within groups) is not supported. If you were to enter nested spintax the spinner would incorrectly read the closing group and abort the spinning for the entire field.

How Multiple Versions Are Handled in IMAutomator

Firstly, IMAutomator will only generate as many unique versions as there are sites to submit to. You may have designed an article with 600 possible combinations but if that article is inly being submitted to 60 sites, then only 60 versions are required so if you are creating spintax content specifically for IMAutomator you should bear that in mind.

The combinations are generated at the point of input and these are stored in the database along with a position marker which records which version was the last one to be submitted. This is done across each individual field of the job. So if you were doing this for an article, your title may have 5 combinations but your body text might have 10 for example. This is perfectly fine. At the time of the individual submissions, the position marker is examined and the appropriate version for that text field is used and then the position marker is moved along. Therefore each unique submission gets the next version of that field.

It does not matter if you have less combinations than submissions as they are simply rotated. So for example, if you have 5 combinations for a particular field and the submission is going to 50 sites, each version of that field would be used 10 times.

A Note About Word Counts For Articles

Article directories all have different requirements for how long an article should be. Most of them require a minimum of 300 words but some require more. On the article submission form there is a box showing the current word count which is updated as you enter text. However in the case of spinning, the number of words can vary because each input of a group may have a different number of words. For simplicity, the word count for the current article is shown and it is up to the member to ensure that the minimum number of words would be met with the spun versions.

Note that if the minimum is not met, the article will still be submitted but it may be rejected by the article directory.

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