Spintax Support in IMAutomator

All of the IMAutomaator submission tools support Spintax and they all work in the same way. Please review the articles and videos on each individual tool to see the differences in the way that they work, but for the spintax itself, this article covers all of the tools.

For each of the tools you may submit either a regular or a Spintax version of the job. Note that due to the different ways in which they are stored in the database, the spinning type cannot be changed later, and spintax cannot be added to a non-spintax job. To begin, select the appropriate submission tool and select 'Submit New' as normal. The submission form has two tabs at the top of the page - 'No Spinning', which is the default option, and 'Spintax'. Click on the Spintax tab. Note that if you forget to to this and enter spintax code inside of a regular job you will receive an error message.

You may enter spintax into all of the available fields with the exception of email fields for Directory and RSS jobs. So this includes titles, descriptions, tags and summary & resource box for Articles. The options for selecting a Category and the speed of submission remain the same as for a regular job. We have a fairly basic spintax currently implemented - please see our Spintax Tutorial article to see how it works.

In the list of jobs the spinning type is indicated against each job. Normal jobs will show 'NONE' and those with spintax will show 'SPINTAX'. The title display in this list will show the first spun version of the article, and not the source version that contains the spintax, to make it more readable. In the case of RSS fields, these just show the URL instead of the title.

Previewing Article Jobs

In the case of Article jobs, there is a preview feature and this will randomly generate a spun version for you to view. You may do this several times if you wish. Preview is not included for other job types.

Errors in Spintax

If errors are found with the spintax such as a group not being properly closed, the spinning process is halted and the entire field will be treated as plain text which means that the source content of the field containing the invalid spintax is what is submitted. The most common case for this happening is where the amount of data entered is too large for the input field and it gets truncated thus leaving a group open. Please check each field carefully to ensure the data you have entered is correct.

How Spinning Works With Submission

Your spintax-containing source version of the job is stored in the database along with the spun versions and a marker to indicate which version each particular field is currently on. When the next submission is made, the current version of each field is extracted for submission and the marker is advanced. If there are fewer versions than there are sites to submit to, they are simply rotated.

So for example, you may have a simple title with just 10 different spun versions but your article body or bookmark description field may have 100 versions. If there are 50 sites that your job is to be submitted to, the title versions would each get used 5 times but every body/description would be unique. You may also choose not to include spintax in any particular field if you don't want to.

Editing a Spintax Job

This works exactly the same as for a normal job; the source version of your job which conatins the spintax is loaded into the form allowing you to edit just the same as you would have when entering the job. Once submitted, the data is then re-spun to take into effect any changes you have made. As before, this will of course only affect submissions for that job which have not yet been made. Note that editing a job will start the spinning process from the beginning so the marker will be reset back to the first version.

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