IMAutomator Review by Joseph Archibald

I've used a number of different social bookmarking software productions over the past couple of years or so – one or two of the best known ones, which I could not get my head around, no matter how long I spent reading and reading more - how this is supposed to function and that is supposed to function. Some of the lesser known ones – generally the problem here was not that I could not fathom how to work them but the amount of successful submissions to a very limited amount of sites was less than impressive, to say the least!

I have been visiting Caroline's blog for the past 9 months and knew she was busy producing some software, which to be honest I did not give too much second thought to. That was until I actually started to use the first part of the software she has been working on.

Its called IMAutomator. It carries out social bookmarking tasks. And it carries them out rather well too. What's different to the other social bookmarking software available you are asking, right?

So the only thing to add now is, if you are on the fence about using this piece of software to help you with your social bookmarking tasks, don't waste time thinking about it any longer – jump at it and grab it with both hands, while there are still places available!

Caroline's Response

Thanks Joseph for such a glowing review! I'd like to point out that this was written in March of 2010 when the software was still in beta and before there was a paid version. Once that is out the free version will only submit to a small subset of the entire list of supported sites but for paid members that will be growing well beyond 50 sites - we're now looking at between 100 and 200 social bookmarking sites!

Regarding your speculation - we bunch the sites into two categories. There are the template based sites that are quicker to implement because they work the same way and then there are the bigger, more well known sites. In these early stages we're adding a lot of template sites simply to get the numbers up but over time we also intend to incorporate as many of those bigger ones as we can. Sites with the highest PageRank are prioritised but we're still including the lower ones too because they change all the time. The performance of the sites is closely monitored to make sure they are doing well.

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