How the IMAutomator Article Submitter Works

UPDATE: The Article Submitter has now been removed from IMAutomator

There a few subtleties to be aware of when using the IMAutomator article submitter software and I'll be explaining all of those in this article.

1) No Account Registration Required

Most article submitter tools require that you sign up to each of the article directory sites with an author account and then feed in the account details to the tool. IMAutomator uses its own internal pool of accounts for all of its submission tools which means that the members do not need to spend precious time on this activity. However, there are a couple of consequences to be aware of. Firstly, your article will be published under a random Pen name so when writing your resource box, do not mention your own name as that may look a little odd to the reader. Secondly, as we use our own accounts for submission, confirmation emails from the directories come into our accounts and not yours.

2) Articles Submitted 'As-Is' Unless Spintax Is Used

In the first release of the Article submitter software we had put together the most basic version of the tool that allowed you to simply upload your article details, hit submit and you were done. Our software would then submit that article exactly how you had entered it into each of the supported article directories. We did not manipulate your article in any way.

Later on, we introduced Spintax support. This allows you construct the article fields in such a way that they can be spun into multiple unique versions.

Note that the spintax support is not automatic - you need to choose the Spintax version of the article and then you need to insert spintax into the article fields themselves. If you do not use Spintax for your article submissions, the same copy of your article will be held in each directory and so due to Google's duplicate content filter - not every one will be displayed in search engine results. Note that EVERY backlink is still counted - it is only the search listings that are affected. Why is this important? Well it depends on the source of the article. If you have written your article purposely for the article directories and have not posted it on your own website then it does not matter at all - each article will generate 2 backlinks for you. However, if you have copied an article that you have already published on your website and submitted that then it is possible that if a website visitor does a search for keywords that would usually bring up the article on your website - your original article may become outranked by a copy of it that has been submitted to one of the directories.

Now again, this may or may not be important depending on whether or not you are trying to get the article on your website ranked. For example, this article that you are reading right now is purely for the benefit of training IMAutomator members - it is not optimised for keywords and it is not likely to generate any search engine traffic. However, I could (in theory) submit the content of it to an article directory (though it would probably get rejected for being product-specific). If a copy held by one of the high profile directories outranked this one in the search engines it would not matter because this is here for training purposes only.

The guideline I recommend are to only submit content that is not duplicated on your website unless the copy on your site ALREADY ranks well and has some PageRank of its own. Otherwise, take the time to insert spintax into your articles for submission to IMAutomator.

3) Articles Are Manually Reviewed By Humans

IMAutomator is a software-driven, automated tool but it can only automate the submission process itself and in the case of articles, that is only half the story. Once submitted to the article directory, a human will manually review your article and decide whether or not to publish it and this is something that may take as little as a few hours or as long as several weeks and IMAutomator cannot report on this for you. When IMAutomator says a submission has succeeded - it means it was successfully submitted for review - it does NOT mean that it has actually been published yet. For the best results, make sure you write a good quality article that provides genuine benefit to your reader. Do not try to promote anything within the article body - leave the promotion for the resource box!

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