Getting Started with IMAutomator

IMAutomator provides a suite of time-saving tools that automate the process of building links. You have at your disposal 4 distinct tools: 1) Social Bookmark Submitter, 2) Article Submitter, 3) Directory & Search Engine Submitter, 4) RSS Feed & Blog Submitter.

How To use The Tools

Each tool has a submission form that you need to complete in order to provide IMAutomator with the details of the content you are submitting. All tools except for the Article submitter have a time-saving button which will attempt to extract the title, description and keyword tags from the target page once you have provided a URL. Once you have filled out the form, you then choose which sites you would like to submit to.

The selection of sites to submit is how you spend the credits that come with your membership. Every site has its PageRank listed in brackets after name such as (3) for a PR3 site. Each point of PR costs 1 credit. So a PR1 site costs 1 credit, a PR4 site costs 4 credits and so on. As you select sites, the total cost for the job will be shown as well as your remaining credit balance.

Once you have selected your sites, the final step is to choose a submission speed. This is the rate at which the links to the selected sites are submitted. The default is 1 link per day. Then you hit the preview button, make sure everything looks as it should, hit submit and a submission schedule is created for you and the IMAutomator engine will take care of the rest!

Spintax Support

Each submission tool supports basic spintax. When you first load the job submission form, simply click the large Spintax button at the top of the page and then fill out the form with the spintax format text for each field you'd like to include it on. IMAutomator will spin each field creating as many unique versions are required, and will rotate around all the unique versions for each separate submission. This feature is entirely optional but please note that you choose the spin type upon job creation - spintax cannot be added after the job has been submitted.

Editing, Deleting & Resubmitting Jobs

Once you have submitted a job, it will appear in the jobs list on the main screen for each job type. You can sort this list by Job ID, Submissions Remaining (SR), Submissions Available (SA) or Title by clicking on the column header. Click again on the same column to reverse the sort order. Clicking on the Job ID field will load up the job details screen for that job.

From this details screen there are several things you can do. Firstly you can scroll down and see the submission schedule that IMAutomator has created for you. You'll notice that there is a degree of randomisation in the times - this is to prevent any obvious patterns. If you wish to delete the job you just click on the delete button. You may also edit the job such as changing the title, description etc but of course, only submissions which have not yet been made will be affected.

Lastly, you may also resubmit the job to any available sites. You may choose any sites that were not chosen on earlier submissions but also, we are adding new sites to the system all the site and as soon as a new site is added, it becomes available for any job of that type. The procedure is the same as the original submission - simply select which sites you'd like, choose a speed, preview and then submit. This creates a new schedule just for the new sites. You can do this as often as you like and is an excellent way of keeping fresh links rolling in for your best content!

Getting the Best SEO Benefits

Primarily, IMAutomator is a time-saving tool. It automates something that would take hours to do manually but of course, link-building is all about SEO and it's the SEO benefits that members want when they use tools like ours! One misconception to clear up is that IMAutomator is NOT a traffic-generation tool! We do not own the sites that we submit to - they are all well established 3rd party sites where anyone is free to place a link. The traffic comes from an increase in search engine traffic that results from higher search rankings due to the increased number of backlinks.

We have an entire section of our Training material dedicated to SEO and specifically - how to do your SEO groundwork before submission to IMAutomator. This step is vital. If you blindly build backlinks to random, poor quality content that has not been optimised for SEO then you will be wasting your credits! Please, spend a few minutes on our training page and familiarise yourself with this stuff. It's not difficult, and it will save you money and improve your results!

Getting Further Help with IMAutomator

If you have any questions or need further help we have lots of additional resources to help you:

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