Getting Directory Links Accepted

When IMAutomator makes a directory submission and reports a success, this simply means that the URL has been successfully submitted for review - it does not mean that the link has been accepted. Almost all of the directories that we submit to have a manual, human review process and they will take several days (sometimes weeks) to manually go to your site and decide whether or not to accept it into their directory. Unfortunately we are unable to report on the outcome as it happens outside of the IMAutomator submission process but we can give you some guidelines on what you can do to give yourself the best chance of having those links accepted.

Spread Out Directory Submissions

Directories only accept the home page of the website which means that this is more of a one-shot tool unlike the Social Bookmarker where you'd typically submit every new piece of content you add to the site. Some of the directories we use, such an EntireWeb, will only allow one site in the queue per person and each person is identified via their email address. Obviously this is not an issue if you only have one website to submit. But if you have just signed up with the Pro version and have perhaps half a dozen sites to submit, just because you are able to submit them all in one day, doesn't mean you should. I'd recommend you space them out - maybe one a week.

If you are using IMAutomator on behalf of clients then consider using separate email addresses per client to differentiate the submissions.

Use a Valid Email Address For the Submission

Many of the directories will send an email to the address specified with the submission and send a confirmation link that must be clicked in order to finalise the submission. If you put in a fake address or an address that you never check, you'll never get this confirmation and the submission will not get through. Sometimes the confirmation link is sent as soon as IMAutomator makes the submissions and other directories send it once the submission has been reviewed so keep an eye on your email for some time after the submission.

Make Your Site Human-Friendly

For those directories that manually review your site, you need to bear in mind what a human is going to see when they visit it. Obviously most websites have some goal such as monetization, signup to a list etc but regardless of the purpose of the site, it needs to provide something of value to the end user or it is not going to be accepted. This is good marketing advice in general - sites that provide genuine value are much more likely to get the sale or the signup etc! If you have excessive advertising, bait & switch tricks, anything misleading etc then your site will certainly be rejected.

Consider Adding Reciprocal Directory Links

We only submit to free directories but there are some which will accept a free submission only if a reciprocal link is placed on the site that is being submitted. Now this is a detail that we don't put on the submission form as manually adding separate links for all the sites would just be messy for the customer and it doesn't apply to most directories but what we do is if a directory requires a reciprocal link we simply tell it to look on the home page of the site being submitted. If it is not found then the link will of course be rejected.

If you look at the supported sites list at the Directories section, look for sites marked with (R) - these are the ones that want to see a reciprocal link. So if you want to benefit from a few additional links then place a link to these directories somewhere on the home page of the site. I wouldn't worry too much about placement - tucked away in a sidebar or footer should be fine. Obviously for some sites it is simply not appropriate to include additional backlinks in this way but we keep those directories in there as some of them have pretty high PR. At the time of writing we only had 2 sites in the system that require a reciprocal link.

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