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UPDATE: The Article Submitter has now been removed from IMAutomator

The article submitter tool works just like the other IMAutomator submission tools in that it will take the article you submit to IMAutomator and post than on a variety of article directory sites. The reason that posting articles is useful is because they provide backlinks using something called a 'Resource Box'.

A Very Brief Guide to Marketing With Articles

Let's say you have a website about dog training that contains lots of useful information and you'd like to market that site using articles. If you can produce additional content around the subject of dog training for the purposes of submitting to article directories then for each article submitted, you can usually gain 2 backlinks from every article directory that the article is posted to. When an article is submitted to a directory, as well as the content of the article itself you add what is known as the 'Resource Box' at the bottom and this basically allows you to advertise your site and put backlinks (a maximum of 2 for most directories) in it.

I'll use a live example to demonstrate this. Here is an article I submitted to Ezine Articles to promote IMAutomator: Link building with social bookmarking submission. At the bottom of the article is a section that talks about IMAutomator and contains two backlinks - one to the home page and another to another article on the site. This is the resource box and is what makes article marketing so powerful.

Obviously, creating an article is time consuming even if you re-purpose existing content (I'll discuss that in a moment) so if you are going to do it, then you'll want to do it right and have SEO in mind from the outset. There are two main considerations to bear in mind:

The resource box usually allows 2 links and we recommend using one for the home page of your site and another for an internal page such as an article on your site. This allows you to spread the backlinks throughout your site but also bolster the domain as a whole. I won't go into detail about keywords here as this has already been covered at length in the SEO section of the Training so please work through that if you have not already. What I will say though, is that you want a common theme to run through the whole article submission. So you want to write an article around a keyword topic that is optimised for that keyword and links back to another piece of content on your site that relates to that topic and ensure that the links in your resource box also contain that keyword.

Writing GOOD Articles

One big difference between article submission and bookmark submission is that nearly all article directories use a MANUAL review process. What this means is that when IMAutomator makes a submission to an article directory that article is submitted for review and is not live yet. A human being will need to manually review your article before approving it. If you submit a poor quality article then it will NOT be approved but IMAutomator is unable to report on this as it happens outside of the IMAutomator system at some point after the submission. The time frame varies considerably between sites - anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

What is a good quality article? Firstly it must be human-readable - real people read it and it needs to read well. So it needs to be written in good English and be checked for spelling and grammatical errors. If English is not your native language, a ghost writer is advised. Secondly, the article must provide useful information and NOT be an advertisement. You may advertise your website, service, products etc in the resource box but the article body must provide value. Keep the ads to the resource box or they will be rejected. Lastly, the article body cannot contain links - these again need to be kept to the resource box.

Re-Purposing Existing Content

Some people advise writing separate content for your site than for article submission. So for example they would say that you should write one article on a topic to post to your website and then write another article on the same topic for article submission that links back to the post on your site. Whilst this is a good strategy, it is also time consuming. The main reason this is advised is due to what is known as the 'duplicate content filter' in Google.

If you go to Google and type (include the quotes) "Link Building With Social Bookmarking Submission" you'll find a whole load of articles that have been submitted all over the place but only a few pages of results will come up. If you click on the last page you'll see something along the lines of "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 54 already displayed." - this is the duplicate content filter at work. Google can see that there are more results that are almost the same so it only shows you a handful in the initial search. However, you'll also see that it has a link marked, "repeat the search with the omitted results included" - all of the links are indexed by Google, but are not shown in the search results.

Does this matter? Well the concern of some people is that if you copy an article from your site to be used on article directories, then the original article on your site may be one of the links ommitted from the search. However, this should only happen if your link from the article directory is stronger than the link from your own site. If your site is brand new and has little authority then this could be the case but even if this does happen - is it a problem? Well it depends on the purpose of the article on your site. If you are actively trying to get a particular piece of content from your site to rank well, then don't duplicate that exact content for article submission but if it is only there to provide general content to link to, then it is fine.

An excellent way to generate unique content from a single article is to add something called Spintax. This is now supported by IMAutomator. I won't explain it here as this article is long enough but this is fully explained in separate training articles

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