What Is IMAutomator?

IMAutomator is a Suite of Automated Backlink Building Tools

IMAutomator is a suite of tools designed to automate the task of building backlinks to your websites for the purposes of SEO. At it's core it contains a number of submission tools, such as the Social Bookmark submitter, which allow you to submit the details of your link to IMAutomator just once, and then our submission engine does the work of submitting that bookmark to each of the supported sites.

How Does IMAutomator Work?

Very simply - you submit to us the details of your link such as a URL, title, description & tags for a bookmark, select a speed of submission and hit submit. A submission schedule is created for you and then the IMAutomator engine automatically submits your links in the background according to the schedule. This process is the same for all of our submission tools - Bookmarks, Articles, RSS & Directories.

You can monitor the progress of your submission, submit new links, re-submit your old links to go to new sites at any time. There's no setup, no account creation, no captcha solving, no proxy management - IMAutomator does all of that for you behind the scenes.

How Much Does IMAutomator Cost?

IMAutomator costs just $49.95 per month. Payment is accepted via Paypal meaning that you are in control of the payment and may cancel at any time without having to let us know for any reason if you no longer require the service.

I Have More Questions!

This page is just here to give you an overview of what IMAutomator is, but there is a lot more information on the website. First of all, please see the Help / FAQ page for more common questions that members ask. Next, if you're unsure of what these tools do, or how best to use them for SEO purposes, please head towards our training section. For up to date information about what is going on with IMAutomator, you can subscribe to our blog, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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