IMAutomator Has Full Spintax Support

IMAutomator has integrated spintax support on all of the submission tools and manages the spinning for you

Automatic Spintax Handling

Our submission tools support spintax on every text field. You can insert as many or as few spintax groups as you like in each field and IMAutomator will automatically generate all of the spun versions for use in the submission. It doesn't matter if there are 5 or 50 variations, the submission engine will keep track of each individual field and rotate across all sites.

Generate a Spun Preview

Before the final submission of any job, IMAutomator will generate a preview for you so you can check over any details and ensure it all looks correct before you commit the job. The job is spun before going into the system and every time you click the Preview button it will randomly generate a spun version of the job so you can get an idea of the final result.

Spintax is Optional

With IMAutomator, simplicity and flexibility is key and you do not have to use Spintax if you don't want to. Or you can use it in just one or two fields - the choice is entirely yours.

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