Randomized Systems

IMAutomator employs a number of randomized systems to keep your backlink profile looking as natrual as possible

Google Does Not Like Patterns

Google has made many changes to its algorithm over the years and they get increasingly good at detecting linking patterns and very often, if Google deems a certain linking pattern to be 'unnatural' it will issue a warning to your site. We want Google to love our backlinks and give them lots of Google juice so IMAutomator uses several mechanisms to keep your links looking as natural as possible.

Randomized Submission Times

Perhaps the most basic rookie mistake that link builders make is to either create a ton of backlinks all at once, or do them on a predictable schedule. Google will spot that a mile off. We allow you to choose the speed on your submissions so you can ideally spread them out but then we will randomize the submission times by a large factor to avoid any patterns from occuring.

Submit Unique Versions of Each Job

If you make use of our Spintax support functionality when making the submissions, our engine will rotate around all the unique versions of each field for each site. We keep track of what version of each field is current and ensure that all available versions are used.

Multiple Submission Accounts

One of the primary differences between using our service and doing manual submission yourself is that you do not have to create accounts at any of the sites that we submit to as we do that for you. We use a large pool of accounts for every site and rotate around them all so that all jobs get spread around all the different accounts so that no single account looks the same as any other.

Multiple IP Addresses

We use proxy servers for all of our submissions and each one has a unique IP address. We obtain our proxies from several different companies to avoid similar IP blocks and we change them all on a regular basis.

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