See Your Results, In Real Time

IMAutomator updates your jobs as they are processed, showing you the results of the submission and the URL of the posted bookmark.

Posted URLs Available For Almost All Sites

All of the social bookmarking sites that we submit publish the bookmarks immediately. This means that once a submission has been made, it is live on the Internet. This is not the case for Directory submissions that are usually manually reviewed by a human and can take days, weeks or even months to appear.

In the case of bookmarks, for almost all sites we are able to extract out a URL of a page on which your bookmark (your backlink) has been posted. We put this in the information column of the job details and you can click on it and verify it.

There are a few sites where we are unable to do this, either because they do not actually create a page for each bookmark, or for some other technical reason but we are working on getting this functionality working on as many sites as possible.

Downloadable Reports Coming Soon

Once we have fully implemented the functionality to publish the URLs of posted bookmarks, we are going to work on developing a reporting system. You'll be able to generate reports online, and download them to your computer, export as a CSV file and so on.

Once the basic reporting is in place we will take the next step and allow brandable reports to be created. This will be especially useful for those of you who use IMAutomator for clients.

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