High Success Rates

IMAutomator has several mechanisms in place to ensure high success rates on an on-going basis.

Closely Monitored Submission Process

Our software processes thousands of submissions every day but every single submission is individually tracked, and we generate statistics for every site in the system. We can see at a glance if a site is not performing well and then drill down into the stats to find out why. This allows us to pinpoint and resolve issues very quickly.

Robust Retry Mechanism

Many of the failures that occur are actually just temporary - a site is running slowly and times out for example. This is common at peak times when a site may be overloaded but try again an hour later and it's fine. If you're doing submissions manually a site that is going slow and not responding can be a real nuisance but our submission engine handles all that. If the error that occures is deemed temporary then it will retry the submission later and do so several times over a 24-48 hour period which means that most submissions do go through successfully.

Dead Sites Removed Prompty

Due to the way in which we track site performance, we can quickly see if a site has a temporary problem, has changed something which we need to update in our software, or has actually stopped working. In the case of sites that are no longer working, we remove them straight away.

For any remaining submissions to that site, they are not processed and the credits are refunded back to the member.

Fresh New Sites Added All the Time

Of course if we only cleared out the dead sites pretty soon we'd have none left! So another big part of our regular work is constantly adding new sites to the system. You can view our supported sites list at any time which is always up to date. We also run a PageRank check on every site daily to ensure that is up to date too.

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