Fully Managed System

IMAutomator manages the complete submission process and absorbs all of the overhead costs.

Fully Managed Cloud-Based Service

IMAutomator runs in the cloud, in a completely automated fashion. We handle all the details that allow us to run large-scale submission campaigns that would cost a lot of money to run for the individual.

We Find the Best Sites

Finding working sites for large-scale social bookmarking can be incredibly time consuming. If you've ever found a list of sites online and found that half of them no longer work then you know what we mean by that!

Having a healthy list of supported sites is our job and we dedicate a lot of time to it so you don't have to. We have developed in house tools to go through thousands of new sites every day looking for good quality bookmarking sites with page rank that we can incorporate into IMAutmator.

Sites that stop working are removed and you only ever pay for a successful submission so if a submission fails because a site has stopped working you'll get your credits refunded to you.

Our Servers Run 24/7

One of the key features of IMAutomator is that it allows you to create a submission schedule that will drip feed your links over time, such as one link per day. As our software runs in the cloud and is running 24/7, you don't need to worry about setting up your own servers or having any software running on your computer.

We Manage Accounts

Before you can submit a bookmark to a site you first need to create an account and when bookmarking in bulk, this adds a lot of extra time. We take care of the account creation process and manage a pool of accounts at every site in our system and rotate around them to avoid overloading any particular account.

We Manage Proxies

In order to ensure that there are no obvious patterns in your backlink profile, we make our submissions through a set of premium proxies. We manage a large pool of these proxies and refresh them regularly.

We Solve Captchas

Almost every site now has at least one point where a captcha needs to be entered to make a submission. Our software is seamlessly integrated with one of the top captcha entry services so you never have to worry about submissions not going through because a captcha entry is required.

Simple, Low-Cost Pricing

If you wanted to run your own bookmarking software, rent a server to run it on, rent the proxies, and pay for the captcha solving service you'd be looking at a hefty monthly cost even for a small volume of submissions.

IMAutomator uses a very simple credit system with submission costing in credits the value of it's Page Rank. All of the above costs are simply incorporated into that price. You can submit as much or as little as you like; there is no minimum usage.

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