IMAutomator is 100% Automated

IMAutomator is 100% automated requiring no interaction from you beyond the initial job submission.

100% Fully Automated Submission

IMAutomator has a well developed, streamlined and 100% fully automated submission process. Your work involves giving us the details of the job you want to submit, choosing the sites to submit to and choosing how fast you want the submissions made - we do absolutely everything else.

Account Creation

Before a submission can be made at a social bookmarking or a directory site, an account has to be created. If you wanted to submit to say, 50 bookmark sites, you'd first need to create 50 accounts; that would take a while! We handle all of that and we also use a large pool of accounts at each site and rotate around them to prevent account overloading.

Drip Feeding Links Over Time

It is generally best to build a steady stream of backlinks to your site over time rather than creating hundreds in one go as that can look unnatural to Google. IMAutomator allows you to setup a submission schedule that can drip-feed your backlinks over time. You select what speed to use and IMAutomator creates the submission schedule and submits behind the scenes at the scheduled time.

Retry Failed Submissions

Sometimes the submissions do not work the first time; the site may be loading slowly and timeout for example. Our system will automatically retry the job in these cases several times over a 24-48 hour period so if a site has a temporary outage, the submission should still go through.

Captcha Entry

Our software automatically integrates with a top captcha submission service which uses human input to enter the captcha data and this is included in the price of your credits - you don't have to worry about it at all.

Intelligent Category Matching

Have you ever noticed how all the different bookmark sites, article sites and so on all have different lists of categories. You find the perfect category on one site then on the next you can't find anything that seems to match well. We use one category list for each of our tools and then the submission engine automatically maps each of our internal categories to the closest matching category at each of the sites.

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