Drip-Feed Your Backlinks Over Time

IMAutomator can drip-feed your backlinks over time and randomize the timing

Consistent Link Building Over Time

Effective link building is no longer simply a matter of blasting out as many links as possible in a short space of time. In fact, Google doesn't really like that and if it sees a high amount of backlink activity that it deems to be unusual, it will likely issue an unnatural link warning.

Google likes activity - it prefers sites that are updated with new content on a regular basis and it prefers that backlinks come in steadily over time rather than all at once. It also does not like patterns so submitting a new link at precisely 1pm every day is also likely to raise suspicion with Google.

You Choose The Speed, We Manage The Schedule

IMAutomator lets you choose from 4 different submission speeds ranging from very fast (25 links per day) to slow (1 link per 3 days). The default setting is 1 link per day. Whetever speed you choose, a submission schedule is then created for you and this incorporates randomization so that even though the links are spread out to a schedule, the actual timing within that schedule is highly randomized so as to avoid obvious patterns.

View Results in Real Time

At any time you can login to your account and check on the progress of your jobs. You can see the submission schedule, which submissions have been done, and which are still scheduled, and when for.

As the submissions go through, the job will be updated and show you (in most cases) the URL of your newly created bookmark. In the case of a failure, your credits are refunded back to your account and you'll see why the submission failed.

The URL reporting for created bookmarks is still a work in progress, we currently have this functionality on about 90% of the sites. Once this is more robust we will be adding in the ability to generate downloadable reports.

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