You may now delete jobs in bulk with just a few clicks!

Upon request from members, we have now implemented bulk job deletion functionality. From your jobs list screen you’ll now see a little checkbox to the left of each job. You can click on these individually or can use the selection buttons at the bottom of the list to select all the jobs or to clear all selections.

There’s a button to ‘Delete Selected Jobs’ – click that and you’ll be shown a confirmation screen. This will confirm the number of jobs to be deleted and also the total number of submissions that are available on those jobs. From this screen simply click yes or no to either confirm the deletion or to cancel it and return to the jobs screen.

You can of course use this functionality in conjunction with the new job search functionality that we released earlier this week. So for example if you have jobs for a website that you no longer maintain you can search for the domain name in the URL and then select all those jobs and delete them.

You can only delete one screen full of jobs at a time – so a maximum of 20. We don’t want to allow members to accidentally wipe out their entire job history!


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