You can now re-submit FAILED submissions

We released the job resubmission functionality a few weeks ago and today we have enhanced it to not only allow you to re-submit jobs to any new sites that have been added since previous submissions, but now you can also retry failed submissions.

Won’t it just fail again?

We monitor all of our submissions and if a site starts to report failures we investigate it. If a site stops working we put it on alert and check it daily. If it’s still not working after a week then we delete it. All submissions to that site that are still pending will not be attempted and will fail with a ‘Site is Dead’ message. These sites do not appear in the list of sites that can be chosen for resubmission.

The only sites that appear in this list are either new ones which have not been selected before or those which have failed previously but are still active. There is a good chance that a site that failed previously could work a second time. I’ll explain how the submission process works and the kinds of issues that crop up.

Common submission problems

Due to the large volume of submissions that our system performs we use proxy servers to do the submission – this rotates the IP addresses used but proxies are not as reliable as a direct server connection and these sometimes fail due to a timeout error. This is the most common problem and is reported as a ‘Server error’. Proxies can vary in their performance – sometimes they will perform great and other times they don’t work as well. We regularly change our proxies and use lots of them to circumvent this but failures do still happen.

The other issue is that sometimes the sites we submit to don’t work as well as they could. Again they can be temperamental. For example, Tagza has been playing up lately. This is our oldest site, it’s high PR (5) and generally a great site but over the last few weeks they have had occasional bouts of poor performance causing the submissions to fail. The next day it’s fine again – this is where resubmitting those failed submissions can pay off.

Our retry mechanism

Obviously the issues above are temporary so we have a built in retry mechanism that will retry a submission several times over a 24 hour period. Sites with high PR are retried more often than lower ones as they are obviously more valuable. This gets through most of the glitches but we have to draw a line somewhere otherwise submissions to sites that had permanently stopped working would hang indefinitely. Therefore if a site fails on its last attempt then we record that as a permanent failure and do not retry it again.

You only ever pay for a SUCCESSFUL submission!

Just a reminder – if a submission fails you are refunded the credits spent on that site. You never pay for failed submissions so you don’t pay multiple times by retrying your failed submissions. You’ll only every pay for a successful submission.

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