Winding Down the Article & RSS Submitter Tools

Yesterday we did a review of the article sites, many of which had stopped working. A handful had died or turned into something else so those were removed and there were several that had stopped working due to a change in template. We were able to fix all of these by adjusting our code to match the modified template. However, whilst we were doing the review we also reviewed the usage of the tools.

The Article Submitter & RSS Submitter tools now account for only around 5% of all submissions. The vast majority are for the bookmark submitter with the directory submitter coming in second. In July we had a look back over the last few years at the search trends of various backlink submission techniques. This showed that bookmark submission is still going strong but that article submission is now a dying trend. We must have missed RSS submission in that post but it has also fallen steadily over the last 5 or 6 years.

We have reached the point where the time required to maintain these tools and continue to try and bring fresh sites into the system is no longer worth the investment. Therefore we have decided to let them wind down naturally. We shall continue to monitor the existing sites but as sites die or stop working for some reason, they will be removed but not replaced. Once we reach a very low number of sites, the tool will be removed altogether. We will of course let you know before this happens.

So Where is IMAutomator Going?

Our main focus has always been our Social Bookmarking Submitter and it will remain so for now. In our trends post we suggested that we may introduce some social submission tools in the coming year but this is still undecided. Posting to Facebook, Twitter and all the other social tools is far more about building your brand and creating a strong profile and a loyal following; there’s much more to it than just scheduling your submissions.

There are already a great number of superb social tools out there such as Hoot Suite which does so much more than make submissions and that is not really what IMAutomator is about. We have always been geared towards automation (it’s in the name!) and that’s what we’re sticking with for now.

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