What Freebies Could IMAutomator Offer?

For the first few years of operation, IMAutomator had a free service and members could submit a small amount each day. This was horribly abused by people creating multiple accounts to get additional submissions and we had to close it.

The main reason to offer a free service isn’t because we’re just that nice, it’s a business strategy – get people in the door, show them what we do, send them newsletters about the cool new stuff we’re doing and hope that they might buy later on down the line.

Discontinuing the free service was a necessary step but we’re missing out on all those people who visit the site every day and who don’t want to buy right now. I’d really like to have some kind of free account back again but unfortunately it cannot offer free submissions. Even offering 1 free submission, or even just 10 credits would get the spammers back in creating hundreds of accounts.

No, instead I want to go in a slightly new direction – offer something useful, of value to the kinds of people that use IMAutomator but that does not benefit from multiple account creation. I have a few ideas so far:

A Text Spinning Tool

This has actually been on the todo list for a while. All our submission tools support a basic spintax (we also want to improve that so that it supports nested spintax) which is great but it still requires that the member go to the effort of creating a spin-ready version of their content.

Let’s face it, IMAutomator is a tool for the lazy! Everything we do is aimed at making life easier and saving time for the member – we create the accounts, we solve the captchas, we do the submission… so what if we could do the spinning for you as well?

The idea is that it would take some plain text and create various spun versions of it. It probably would not work as well as a human-crafted version but would be better than just blasting the same exact copy out to tons of sites – especially if you do article submission.

This tool could be independent from the IMAutomator submission. Of course if you are a paying member then you could export the output of it directly into an IMAutomator job, but for free members they could simply export the output for their own use – manual submission or whatever.

Content Creation Tools

Our most popular tool is the Social Bookmark submitter and one of the most common types of content that is bookmarked are blog posts. But very few of our Pro members use the Article submitter in comparison to the Bookmarker.

If the content of a blog post has at least 300 words then that could make a viable article. (you might want to spin it of course to differentiate it from your original blog post) but creating an article takes a bit more effort.

Developing a small tool that would take a blog post and extract an article out of it would be rather trivial. This could be imported straight into an IMAutomator job or again just exported as a text file for free members who want to do their own manual submission.

Here’s another example – as well as the very popular article directories that take plain text, there are now more flexible ‘document’ directories that take PDF files, Doc files and so on. If you have an article, or many articles you could package those up into a more substantial document and then have a whole bunch of new places you could submit that to – more backlinks! This is another tool we could develop as a stand-alone addon for IMAutomator.

Links to SEO Resources

IMAutomator specialises in one thing – automation of link submission and that is going to remain our focus for the foreseeable future but the market to which that appeals is somewhat more broad – SEO in general.

SEO is a huge subject and there are already a ton of brilliant resources out there such as blogs and online tools and much of that is absolutely free. We have no intention of trying to compete with these resources but they would be of interest to our members so we could start up a resource section with links to the good stuff.

Do you have any ideas?

I’d really like to move forward with this idea of some kind of free resources we could offer once we have our new membership system in place. I think these ideas are a good starting place but I’m always interested to hear what you guys think! So if you have any ideas for a freebie we could offer (it has to be something that would not benefit from abuse by creating multiple accounts) then please let us know either through our contact form or even better – post it on our Facebook page.

I’ll give away 100 credits to anyone who comes up with a viable idea!

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