Tweak to the job lists – Remaining Submissions Count

When you click on any of the tools buttons you get a list of the jobs that are currently in progress. In this list you will now see a new column marked ‘SR’ which contains the remaining submissions count.

This shows you at a glance how far along each job is. The higher the number, the more submissions are remaining to be processed.

Job ‘completion’ concept soon to be removed

Currently, when you submit a job, a schedule of submissions is created and once all of those submissions have been processed to completion then the overall job is said to be complete and it is moved into a separate list. However, with the new job resubmission code that we are developing, this concept will no longer make sense. Instead, when that count reaches 0 it simply means that the current batch of submissions is complete.

Under our new credit system you choose the sites that you want to submit to and you’ll be able to choose as many or as few as you want. What we are working towards is a system where at any time you can go back to an existing job, and re-select the sites to submit to. This will be particularly useful when we add new sites (which we do all the time) as you’ll be able to keep bringing in fresh links to your content.

Therefore instead of having two separate lists of current jobs and completed jobs we’ll just have a single list but those which are currently classified as complete will simply show 0 submissions remaining.

Searching & Sorting

Of course, with just a single list of jobs – that would be cumbersome! Especially for those of you who have submitted thousands of jobs! So, another piece of functionality we will be adding is the ability to search and sort the lists to make them more manageable.

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