Transitioning To Our New Membership System – Closing For At Least 1 Month

We are on the verge of launching our new membership system but as it works quite differently to our current one, and we use a mixture of both systems, we are in a transition phase. In this post I shall recap exactly the difference between the two systems, how the new membership will work, what the new membership options are and how we plan to transition from one to the other. We will also be closing to new memberships during this time for at least 1 month.

Our Current System

What we started with was a system based around daily submission limits. Your membership fee purchased the ability to post a number of jobs per day for each of the submission tools and each of those jobs would be submitted to all of the sites in the system for that tool. Light members were restricted to the Bookmark tool only and each job was only submitted to 15 of the available sites.

This system has many shortcomings. It encourages people to ‘use up’ their daily limits which resulted in a lot of poor quality content being posted which is not good for the sites we support. It was also not very fair to the members because in one month we may have had 50 bookmark sites and in another month only 30, but the membership fee was the same so the value offered varied from month to month which is not good. Also, if a submission failed there was no recompense for the member.

Lastly, due to the volume of submissions posted under this system we were unable to utilise sites that had a CAPTCHA or a paid fee because the cost was simply too great to be absorbed into our membership fees.

The New System

We are doing away with daily limits, removing all restrictions on the tools and making all submissions credit-based. Under the new membership options your monthly fee will purchase a credit package that you can use to submit any job to any of the sites of your choosing. You could submit to just 1 site, all of them, or anything in between. You can choose to spend more credits on a PR7 site or make your credits go further by submitting to only PR1 sites. Also, any member under any plan (they range from free to $500 a month) can use any of the tools. Current Light members will no longer be restricted to just the social bookmark submitter.

This system eliminates the problems with the previous one. Firstly, because you pay in credits for every site you submit to, it naturally encourages you to submit good content which means that poor quality filler content should no longer be posted. This results in only good quality content for our supported sites.

Secondly, you only ever pay for what you choose to submit to and you only ever pay for a successful submission so it is fair. Our sites list will always vary as we cannot control when sites come and go but under this new system your membership plan always offers 100% value for money month after month. And you can even use our free option which has absolutely no commitment and allows you to purchase credits only when you need them.

Lastly, by putting a cost on each individual credit, we are able to absorb the cost of CAPTCHA solving services and in some cases also pay membership fees to paid sites. This allows us to greatly expand the range of sites we can support.

The Membership Options

We will have a total of 7 different membership plans. The idea is that the higher the monthly fee, the cheaper the credits will be so you can look at how much you post on a monthly basis, determine what sites you might want to submit to, calculate how many credits to spend on each job and then based on that pick the membership plan that is right for you.

The number of sites listed for each tool will of course change dynamically – it is the costs of the credits and the monthly plans that we detail in this screenshot. Also note that we don’t have the free article spinning tool ready yet – that will come later. We were just experimenting with the price table when the screenshot was taken.

Performing the Transition

It would be unfair for a visitor of IMAutomator to come to the site one day, sign up under the old system and then a couple of days later it changes into something completely different – that would be misleading. Therefore we are actually going to completely close memberships to all new members for at least one month which means that any new members who join before the closure can get their full month of service that they have paid for.

This closure will occur next Monday 27th May at 12 noon. Click here to find out when that is in your timezone.

We will re-open on the new system no earlier than 1st July. We’ll be aiming for 1st July but if the new system is not ready (it’s a big change and a lot of work to ensure a smooth transition) then we shall keep you informed and let you know when it will be.

Existing members will of course be able to continue using their existing memberships. It is only going to be closed to NEW signups during this period.

If you have any questions about the new system please feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook page or via email.

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