The IMAutomator Blog is now a ‘REAL’ blog :-)

If you look over to the right, you’ll see a sidebar with recent posts, a list of archives, a search box and a WordPress meta section. You are now viewing this post on a proper WordPress blog installation. We’ve always had WordPress running in the background but before we actually hid the public installation and used custom code to pull out recent posts and display them on our blog page. But this was a one-way page with no interactivity or other blog functionality.

We did that because our first site design was not available as a WordPress theme and our blog pages would have looked completely different to the rest of the site and we didn’t want that. When we redesigned our site design a few months ago we purchased both a standard HTML template and a matching WordPress theme so we could be sure that we could seamlessly integrate the blog properly into the new design. Much better 🙂

One issue is that the blog is not fully integrated with our membership system so we don’t display the login/logout section in the navigation bar.

You can now look through all of our archives of posts if you wish and of course you can subscribe via an RSS reader (actually you could do that before but it’s a little more obvious now), but most importantly you can COMMENT on our posts! Please do, we like to hear from our members and general visitors 🙂

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