The Ability To Search Your Job Lists Has Now Been Added

Today we have implemented a long awaited feature – the ability to search your job lists, rather than only being able to page through them. On the main job list screen for each type you now have a search area next to the submit button. It’s pretty basic – you just select the field you want to search on from the drop down, type in your query and click the search button.

Once the results have been returned it works like the regular jobs list – you can click the ID of a job to view it’s details, re-submit it and so on, you can sort the list by clicking on the column headers, and if your search returned more than 20 results, you can also page through them as before. At any time you can clear the search to view all your jobs of that type by clicking the clear button.

When you click away to another page on the site and come back to the jobs list the search query will also be cleared and show all jobs as before.

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