Tagza & Mister Wong dead?

We monitor all our submissions for failures – sometimes a site has a temporary glitch as has happened a few times with Tagza but this week we have taken both Tagza and Mister Wong off of our live lists and put them on trial 🙁

These are two of our longest standing sites – Tagza has been in the system since the very beginning and both are high PR and high profile sites. We’ll be very sad to see them go but we’re keeping them on trial just in case they do come back.

Tagza is simply not loading at all. Mister Wong is still there but it has stopped acknowledging the paid account and every link simply redirects to a page asking to upgrade to a paid account. We tried creating a brand new account and upgrading it but it did the same thing. We’ve tried contacting them to no avail and are now trying to contact them via Paypal but it’s not looking good.

We’re always on the lookout for new sites to add – are there any high PR bookmark sites that is not in our system that you think should be? Please leave a note in the comments below and we’ll check it out!

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