Success rates improved for some sites

We are always working on improving success rates of submissions and keeping them as high as possible. Most sites have around 99% success rate, and a handful around 80-99%. Today we’ve made a small change that will improve success rates in some cases on selected sites.

When we submit your jobs to the various sites in the system, we perform a little work on each field before the submission. First of all if its a spintax job we’ll pick the next available spun version of the field. Next we pad or trim the data as appropriate for the site in question. Some sites require slightly longer or shorter fields so we ensure that the data is always adjusted according to the rules of each site.

However, a few weeks ago we started finding new kinds of sites that worked differently to before and had dynamic fields – meaning the names of the fields changed with each submission. We were able to change our submission process to resolve the dynamic fields but it broke the padding & trimming code so the data was submitted at the original length. For the vast majority of cases this was fine but sometimes a particular job would have a field that was too long or too short and that would cause that submission to fail.

Not many jobs were affected and this is only on a small handful of sites but anyway – we have now fixed this so all fields will be properly sized on all sites so success rates increase just that little bit more 🙂


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