Submitted Bookmark URL’s Now Becoming Available!

By far, the single most common question we have been asked since we launched the service has been “can I get a list of the submitted bookmark URLs created by IMAutomator?” and our answer to that has always been no… for technical reasons.


Finally, we have figured out a way to extract out the actual URL of the submitted bookmark. It’s not an easy task and it requires custom code to be written for every site in the system. So far, we have done this for 15 of the sites and made the data available. This is going to be fully developed in 3 phases.

Phase 1 – URL Extraction For All Sites

The first phase is simply to get the code written for all the other sites in the system. At this point we don’t even know if its possible to get it working for all of them but we’ll deal with that as we go along. For the moment, we’ve stored the URL in a new field in the job table and you can see it from the job details screen of any job. Click on the Job ID of a job and for any that has succeeded, if a URL has been found you’ll now see a new entry in the info column that reads “Posted URL: <the actual URL>”. Click on it to test it.

So right now its somewhat crude, you manually have to go look into each job so the data is there but not in a useful way. That’s where the other phases come in.

Phase 2 – Searchable Bookmark URL Reports

Once we have all the sites done, or at least a very large majority of them, we’ll start building a proper reporting interface which will allow you generate a report of generated URLs and you’ll be able to sort this by date, by job or some other factors and you’ll be able to search it to. We’ll figure out the finer details nearer the time but we will certainly appreciate your feedback so if it doesn’t work the way you’d like it to then please let us know!

Phase 3 – Downloadable White-Label Reports

This functionality is most asked for from our members who use IMAutomator for their client work. What we are ultimately building towards is a proper report that you can generate with your own branding for your clients – or just for your own use of course. Again, we’ll really want your feedback with this!

Why Only Bookmark Jobs?

So far, the bookmark submitter is the only one of our tools that publishes the content instantly. For all of the others, when IMAutomator has made the submission it is merely submitted for review by the target site and then is subject to human moderation. The article, directory entry, RSS feed etc may be accepted or rejected at some later point in time. We can’t report on what doesn’t yet exist so this functionality will be for bookmarks only.

Please Give us Your Feedback!

So far, we’ve done 15 sites and obviously they are working in our tests but it is possible that certain URL’s with special characters may cause issues. If you notice any problem – namely a posted URL that does not work then please let us know giving us the Job ID and the Target site ID so that we can check it out. It will probably take some time to really make this new functionality robust.

And if you have any ideas on how the reporting can work, please let us know about that too!


9 thoughts on “Submitted Bookmark URL’s Now Becoming Available!

    1. Caroline Middlebrook Post author

      We don’t have an automatic submission process because for each submission you have to choose what sites to submit to and thus how many credits to spend. So you need to individually post new blog posts to our system.


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