Submit Your RSS Feed Once – Get Backlinks Forever!

The RSS Feed submission tool is not used a huge amount and this is understandable as you don’t generally have a ton of RSS feeds to submit, but it is certainly a strategy you should use on every site you work with as it offers exceptional value for money because if you just submit your RSS feed once to each site – you don’t just get one backlink per site, you get a constant new stream of backlinks as long as your feed is updated for the price of that one single site!

How does RSS Feed submission differ to the other tools?

The bookmark submitter, article submitter and directory submitter tools all submit one piece of content to each individual site. That piece of content provides a single backlink (or up to 2 in the case of the Article submitter as you can put 2 links in the resource box.) RSS Feeds are different. The URL of the feed itself is not really a backlink; well it is, but not a terribly useful one in its own right.

However, it’s what that feed contains  that is the real hidden treasure here… Let’s assume you have a blog for your website and you most probably bookmark each new post that you publish. Every major blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc automatically creates and updates an RSS feed for your blog. Every time you publish a new post to that blog a link to that post gets inserted into your RSS feed.

So what happens when you submit your RSS feed to an RSS directory? This is where the magic happens – these specialised RSS directories don’t just store links to RSS feeds, instead they are crawling those feeds and publish the links contained within them! Every time your feed is updated with a new link, that’s a new backlink that is available at any RSS directory that the feed is published on!

One Credit Payment – Many Backlinks!

All of our submission tools work on a very simple credit system – each site has a credit value equal to its Pagerank and that is what you pay for the submission. So a PR4 site would cost 4 credits to submit to. The RSS feed submission tool works in this exact same way except that the PR4 site that you just submitted your feed to will receive as many backlinks as your feed contains and will continue crawling that feed and as long as you publish new content, you are getting new backlinks!

So, try out the RSS feed submitter tool today 🙂

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