Submission Times Are Now Much More Random

When you submit a job a submission schedule is created for you according to the speed you select which defaults to 1 link per day. But if you look at the job details after it is submitted to examine the schedule you’ll notice that the individual submissions are not performed at the same time each day – the exact time is randomized in order to avoid creating an obvious linking pattern.

We have tweaked this today to make it much more random – around 3 times more random than it was before. So let’s say you submit a job to 30 sites and use the default speed of 1 link per day, all of those submissions will still complete within the 30 days (possibly 31 if the final one is highly randomized) but within that 30 day bracket the individual submissions will be much more random.

You will not see a steady 1 link each and every day. There may be stretches where there is 1 a day but some days may be missed and on others there might be 2 or possibly even 3. This is more apparent with the slower speeds. If you submit a job on the fastest speed of 25 links per day there is obviously not much randomization that can be done there.

This change will affect all new jobs submitted from this moment on, and previously jobs will not be affected.

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