SolveMedia CAPTCHA Support Added

You may have noticed that over the last few months a new type of CAPTCHA has been popping up all over the web by a company called SolveMedia. These captcha’s vary – sometimes you just type in the words you see (pretty standard) but other times you need to solve a puzzle, identify a brand and other strange things.

Many social bookmarking sites have started using this new style of captcha in their submission pages and until now we have been unable to support it and had to put those sites to one side. Today we have managed to get support for SolveMedia working which means that the range of social bookmark sites that we can incorporate into IMAutomator has just grown.

We’ve put 8 new sites on trial today – all PR3 & PR4 and as usual we shall monitor their performance over the next few days and add them into the live system if they work well. We have quite a large list of sites to look at so hopefully we can grow the list of our social bookmarking sites over the coming months.

I know I say that a lot and the list often stays hovering around 30 sites but now that we’re winding down the Article & RSS submitter tools more time can be dedicated to the social bookmark submitter. As always, we never know how long a new site will last so time will tell how well these new sites work out!

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