Sneak preview of the new membership options!

I’ve been working on the new site design this week and part of that work is getting ready for the launch of the new membership options. Below is a screenshot showing the design from part of the purchase page that shows the table of available options.

There are a couple of things to note:

1) The different levels of membership get better in value as you go up as the price you pay for the credits goes down. For example, the $25 option puts the price of 100 credits at $4.00 but the $50 option slashes that in half which means going from level 2 to 3 actually quadruples the credits you get. Level 3 also happens to be the level at which all existing Pro members will be migrated to at launch. Light members will be migrated to level 1.

2) There will be a free option. Sadly we’re unable to offer a free trial that actually offers free submissions as it is too open to abuse but this option allows you to just have the account and buy credits as and when you want to without any monthly commitment. This is basically the ‘pay as you go’ option and it will work by allowing you to buy packs of credits whenever you need them. The cost of the credits will vary depending on the size of the pack. Members on a monthly package can also purchase additional packs if they want an extra boost without moving up a level.

The values may still be adjusted between now and the re-launch but this gives a pretty good idea of where we are going. Also note that the numbers for the sites are not accurate on this screenshot – they only show a portion of the sites but when we re-launch, all existing sites will be included so there will be over 50 bookmark sites for example.


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