Sites Reduced as Temporary Workaround to Submission Problem

Yesterday we encountered a problem where a very large percentage of submissions were failing. We put the site into maintenance mode whilst we investigated the problem in order to prevent new jobs from being submitted.

We have now identified the problem, but unfortunately not yet been able to fix it. A large number of bookmark sites now use a captcha system called SolveMedia and something in their API has changed which has caused our captcha-solving code to stop working. This causes the submission to fail. This is the cause of the issue.

So we have identified it, but we have not yet been able to actually fix it and get a SolveMedia site to work.

As a temporary workaround we have put all sites that use SolveMedia on trial, which of course has drastically reduced the number of live sites. Any jobs that were previously scheduled to go to those sites will continue to be processed and unfortunately will fail until we can fix the code. Of course, you are always refunded for any failed submissions. You only ever pay for a successful submission.

Whilst we work to try and fix the problem, we will also start adding some other bookmark sites that we have ready to go which do not use SolveMedia. That way we can start to build up the sites list again.


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