Server Issues Again – Site Running Slowly

We are experiencing some very strange server issues today. Our email server is down and the site appears to working only intermittently. My support people have been telling me that nothing is wrong but I was very briefly able to get into my email (before it timed out again) and saw a bunch of emails from members experiencing the same problem.

I can only apologise in this situation – unfortunately it is out of my hands as it is a server issue and the server support guys need to fix it. I have escalated the problem and now issued a formal complaint as they are taking far too long and we’ve been experiencing lots of server issues lately which is unacceptable.

On the plus side, the submission engine seems unaffected and is ticking along fine in the background.

As I am unable to access my email at the moment, if you need to speak to me please use the Facebook page where I will post updates on the situation.

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