Retroactive refund of failed submissions now complete

We reported yesterday that a bug had been found with the mechanism that refunds credits spent on failed submissions. The bug was fixed but there was still the issue of past jobs that had been submitted and not correctly refunded. We’ve now run the script to allocate the refunds and this has been done as a batch. If you run the credits report from the member page you’ll see one entry for each job type such as Bookmarks, Articles etc.

You’ll probably actually have MORE credits than were spent due to two reasons. Firstly, we did not have a mechanism to mark the trial submissions as trials so even though they would not have been charged, if they failed they would have been refunded. Secondly, the script has checked all jobs entered since the credit system was started but many of the current credit sites were not originally credits sites so they would not have had a charge when you made your job submission. For example, Tagza was only made into a credit site a few days ago but every job that had Tagza in it which failed (which would have been quite a few as it was not working for a while) would have been credited by this script. So you can consider that a nice freebie and that will teach us to be more careful in future! 🙂

Now, what to do with all these new credits? Well, the reason they have been allocated is because the original submissions failed. At the moment there is no way of rescheduling the failed submissions from a previous job which is functionality that is sorely missing. However, this is what we are currently working on!

We are developing the new job resubmission code which will allow you to not only submit your existing jobs to any new sites that have been added since the previous submission, but it will also allow you to retry the failed submissions. In the case of a site like Tagza which is a PR5 and was not working for a couple of weeks because they had changed their template, it would be a shame to miss out on that link juice.

However, there’s one other thing we’re working on before we delve deeply into this new functionality and that is a whole new look for the site! We needed more room to display the new information in the job lists so started looking at some tweaks to the layout and decided that the site was looking dated and needed a sleek new look so decided to just start over and bring it up to date! Hopefully this can be finished by the end of this week and once done we can really start to integrate the new job resubmission code. So save some of your credits for that, especially if you have lots of existing jobs that are still active that you’d like more backlinks for!

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