Remove Dead Links From IMAutomator (Free Broken Link Checker Tool)

Many IMAutomator members have submitted thousands of bookmarks to the system over the years and many of the older links may be pointing towards sites that no longer exist. These just clog up your account (and our database!) and get in the way when trawling through your existing jobs when you want to re-submit them for additional backlinks.

Remove dead links in bulk

There are two features which help you remove dead links in bulk plus a neat little plugin for Chrome called Check My Links. First of all, if you know that you have many bookmarks for a particular website which no longer exists, you can use the job search functionality to find them all at once.

Secondly, you now have the bulk job deletion feature which allows you to just click all the jobs you want to select and then click a button to delete the selected jobs. Of course, please do be careful with this feature!

Now what the chrome plugin does is quickly analyze all the links on a page and look for broken ones. Onces which are ok are highlighted in green and broken links are highlighted in red so its easy to see at a glance which jobs are pointing to dead links.

So all you need to do is use the search to pull up jobs from a site that is gone, click the ‘Check My Links’ button, click the checkmark next to any job that has a red broken link, and then delete all of those jobs. This technique will only take a few moments and you can easily remove dead links from IMAutomator in bulk.

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