Our New Sites Are Working Well

After so many public social bookmarking sites over recent months have started to stop working in large numbers, we made a decision to start building our own private network of sites exclusively for our members.

So far we have built 8 sites. They are all PR4, they also have good Domain Authority and other metrics. They are hosted on completely separate IP’s – A/B classes, not just C class, and there is no footprints in any of the server data for the best possible backlink profile diversity. We use a new company called IPNetworx for this; they specify in completely avoiding any SEO footprints.

Plus, they are all performing at a 95-99% success rate.

We’re happy with this so we will be continuing with this plan. Whilst we’ll still occasionally see what new public sites are available we will continue to focus on building our own network. We have 4 more sites to add today and we’ll continue to add a few more each week, continually monitoring performance of course.

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