New upcoming site design for IMAutomator

The next big feature that is being worked on is the new job resubmission code. I will go into more details about that in another post but to summarise – it will allow you to manage your jobs list more intuitively, and pick any of your existing jobs to be resubmitted to any sites that have not already been chosen, or that failed on an earlier submission. This will be replacing our somewhat clunky secondary submissions tool.

The jobs list will become more important to the interface and will require some more information to be displayed on it but using our current site template there is not very much physical screen space. The first idea was to get rid of the sidebar and instead use only horizontal navigation with a button bar going across the top underneath the current header.

I’m not a CSS coder so this is the kind of thing that gets outsourced or purchased. I had a look around online and found a fantastic website that sells snippets of code which can be plugged into existing sites. I found a great navigation bar but continued to look around and then started looking at full site templates which is what I had used when IMAutomator was first started in 2009.

As I looked through some of these themes I was quite blown away and looking at them alongside the current IMAutomator site made me realise just how dated it’s looking now. So I made the decision that rather than just tweaking pieces of the interface here and there that I would start over from scratch with a brand new design. As the site is going to be re-launched which a whole new membership system soon it seems fitting to update the design at the same time.

However, as there is a significant amount of development work to do for the new job resubmission system, it makes sense to do that within the new design as some of the coding is interface based and if it was done now within the current design then a whole bunch of code would have to be re-written a second time when the template was changed so instead, I’m going to start with the new site design and then build in the new job resubmission feature.

I’ll post some screenshots as I go along to get some feedback 🙂

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