New Submissions Available – Another tweak to the jobs lists

Yesterday we added a new column to the job lists to show the number of submissions remaining. Today we’ve added another column, this time to show the number of submissions available. You’re probably wondering what that means…

When you submit a job to IMAutomator a submission schedule is created for you and then our submission engine works behind the scenes to submit your job to all the sites in the schedule. Under our old system, if the list of sites never changed then that would be the end of it. And indeed we marked jobs as ‘complete’ when all the submissions in the schedule had finished as there were no more submissions to be done.

But there are two factors that change this. Firstly, our sites list is not static – especially not the social bookmarks sites list. We are constantly working to keep our sites fresh. All submissions are monitored and if a site stops working we check it daily for around a week and if the site has definitely stopped working or been taken down then we remove it. As a result, we are also constantly adding new sites to the system so these become newly available submissions.

So as time goes on the list of supported sites in our system changes and every time we add a new site – that is a new submission that is available for all of your existing jobs. Right now, there’s nothing you can do with them; it’s only an indicator. What we’re working towards is new functionality that will allow you to submit your existing jobs to these new available sites in the future as you wish. So if you have a particularly important piece of content you can continue submitting it to new sites as they get added to keep a constant stream of fresh backlinks coming into it.

The second factor to affect this number of available submissions is the selection of credit sites that you choose when you first submit a job. Right now, these are optional on all but the Directory sites but once our new system launches, all sites will need to be chosen in this way. So of course you can choose as many or as few as you wish. If we have 50 sites available and you choose 20 of them, then once you have submitted the job, it will show 30 as being available.

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