New Social Bookmarking Sites & Performance Issues

Since we removed the Article & RSS submission tools we have been hard at work bringing more social bookmarking sites into the system. Last week we hit 70 sites. However, this seems to have also had an adverse effect on overall system performance.

We monitor the success rates of all sites and monitor the failures carefully and we have noticed that we are starting to see a high number of server errors across the board since we really began to increase the number of sites. At first we thought that the issue was simply that some of the sites were just poor performers in general. This is something we don’t know until we put them into the live system and test them with large volumes of submissions.

So we have been removing those that have very high failure rates but this seems to be just part of the problem. These server errors are almost all time-outs or empty replies from the server which basically means the same thing – we site we are trying to submit to simply is not responding. But what has happened is that the failure rates are increasing across all sites in our system – even those that usually have 100% success rates which means that it appears to be an issue with our own server and not just individual sites.

Right now we’re not sure exactly what the problem is. I don’t think it is related to high volumes as our engine used to process around 8 times more jobs per day than it does now when we had an active free service a couple of years ago. We have the server tech guys looking into it and we are also looking more closely at the log files to try and figure out what is going on.

When a job fails the credits that were spent on that job are refunded so if you have a look at your credit activity log (from the members page) you are likely to see lots of activity there with refunds being given. Also, if a submission to a site fails due to a server error, that site becomes available for submission again. So you will also see the ‘SA’ (Submissions Available) column increasing as the jobs are processed.

You can go into any job that has a SA above 0 and re-select sites for submission to retry them. We also have an internal retry system which will automatically retry a submission a number of times before it fails permanently but this is done over a short period – around 24 hours but you may select these sites for resubmission at any point so please do make use of that feature in order to get more working submissions and in the meantime we shall keep working on the issue and keep you posted!

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