New Social Bookmarking Sites (5) – 26th July 2016

I have added 5 new sites to the system today. Don’t forget to re-submit your existing jobs to these new sites to pick up the new backlinks!

  1. Blue Waffles (5 credits) –
  2. Generela (5 credits) –
  3. Protelematik (5 credits) –
  4. Barry Pearl (4 credits) –
  5. Prisonism (4 credits) –

These new sites will appear in the list of available sites for all of your existing jobs. See how to resubmit your jobs to new sites in the video below:

3 thoughts on “New Social Bookmarking Sites (5) – 26th July 2016

    1. Caroline Middlebrook Post author

      Sorry we are a social bookmark submission service only. We don’t do blog submissions. However, if you wish to bookmark the individual posts of your blog, you can certainly use IMAutomator to do that.


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